SiteBuilder Lite

SiteBuilder Lite is a PHP application which allows buyers to host their own professional website builder. With SiteBuilder Lite, you can have customers create an account allowing them to easily create and publish professional grade websites. Our intuitive builder UI allows users to drag&drop blocks onto a canvas to create pages and combine multiple pages into full sites.
In addition, SiteBuilder Lite let's users publish created sites and continue working on them at a later time, allowing users to use SiteBuilder as a lightweight Content Management System.
SiteBuilder Lite comes bundled with several HTML blocks to demonstrate it's usage (these are the same blocks as used in the online demo). You are free to use the provided blocks in whatever way you like.

Block Approach

SiteBuilder Lite takes a block oriented approach to building web pages and web sites. What this is means is that SiteBuilder Lite provides the user with a selection of pre-designed blocks, such as headers, content sections, forms, footers, etc. which are combined onto a canvas to create fully functional web page.
SiteBuilder Lite uses an easy to use and intuitive drag and drop interface. Use the left sidebar to select your blocks and drag them onto the canvas. Once dropped onto the canvas, blocks can easily be re-ordered using the same drag and drop functionality.

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